Research & FinTech solutions for DeFi



Development of strategies for crypto markets

We develop quantitative strategies that can find profit opportunities in crypto markets and DeFi protocols.


Risk management and strategy optimization services

We backtest and optimize our trading strategies to achieve the best possible risk and return trade-off.

Real-time DeFi

Data extraction, portfolio monitoring and execution tools

We provide tools and services for monitoring and executing trading strategies in real-time in DeFi protocols and crypto exchanges.

Why Us

How we do it

Data-driven approach

Quantitative strategies

We take decades of market experience in various financial and alternative asset markets and combine it with rigorous data analysis and insights from academic research. This leads us to market-tested ideas for successful strategies for various markets, protocols and market conditions. We apply a quantitative approach and data science to eliminate human biases in strategy execution and to increase the probability of success in the long run.

Risk reduction solutions

Risk exposure optimization

We design and optimize strategies and portfolios to provide a better risk and return trade-off than a simple buy-and-hold approach. We run a number of backtests for various market conditions and apply machine learning to optimize risk exposure and make the strategies less volatile. We can customize the strategies to suit the risk preferences of the user.

Technological support

Real-time monitoring and automation

We use institutional-level technological solutions to monitor positions and automate tasks to run the strategies in real-time. 

About Us

Who we are

CEO & Head of Research

Our research team constantly monitors new developments in the markets and the literature and tests a wide range of ideas using a data-driven approach. We believe in what the data tell us and strive to make that knowledge available to a wider audience through our products and services. We combine real-world experience with hypothesis testing and machine learning algorithms to gain valuable insights about markets.

The portfolio modelling team uses the inputs of the research team to backtest and develop strategy ideas into optimized strategies with high-level risk and return preferences. 

The operations team provides technological support to extract data for the research team, and to run servers for research, backtesting, optimizations and strategy execution in real-time.  


In collaboration with


Strategy descriptions

Our strategies can be found on Sommelier, the first truly decentralized strategy execution platform. We offer a variety of quantitative strategies for different market conditions and risk preferences. You can find the description and stats by following the link below.